Disconnect to Connect: Stepping Away From Hyperconnectivity

In the past few years (because of factors beyond our control), we have been living our lives almost exclusively through technology. The nature of the hyperconnected almost feels natural now: it has become routine to stay glued to our screens to make sure we’re in the loop. Everything moves so fast and, yet, we still feel behind. This raises the question: is it really still possible to disconnect from our technology and genuinely feel grounded within that experience?

There is something inherently humbling about not being able to reach for our smartphones to flip through when our hands feel empty. It seems simple enough, but after so long of relying on screens for connection for so long, we’re left feeling even more disconnected than we were before. We feel as though leaving our screens unattended is “wasted time”. For example, if you left your phone and computer off for two hours right now, what kind of emotions would you experience? Do you feel a sense of urgency or anxiety? Or do you feel calm and composed? No matter what feelings overcome you during that period of time, it is easy enough to analyze those emotions and understand the damage that having a dependency on technology can have on your overall well being.

When visiting, we invite you to try disconnecting from your tech and taking some time to let your mind and body have a rest. Here are some suggestions for things to do or see while staying at The Lake Placid Lodge:

Give your phone a spot to live while you disconnect with Rachel Saunders’ Phone HomeAs described by Rachel, the Phone Home is designed to inspire and encourage healthy tech boundaries, mindful screen time, and a restorative sleep routine.

Dive headfirst into nature by enjoying a day on the slopes, sans phone. Creekside Gondola is a mere two minute walk from the front door and takes you up to Whistler Mountain. Don’t have skis? No problem! Can-Ski is a well-known rental service right across the street from the Lodge.

If you’re looking for a way to soothe your body after a long day of skiing, Yogacara Whistler offers an “Après Flow” for unwinding.

Visit the Scandinave Spa to enjoy the hot baths and get a Swedish Relaxation massage to unwind.

Get a 60-minute facial catered to your specific skin concerns at Creekside Health with their in-house skin care expert, Serena.

If you love immersing yourself in beautiful, dynamic architecture as well as Canadian art, Audain Art Museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

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