Our Partners

Mitzi by HVL

"We design and build beautiful fixtures for people who put quality first—for people who are not willing to trade off that increasingly rare characteristic.” We are honoured to have them as part of our Airbnb.

Flax Home

We are delighted to provide our guests with Flax Home sheets and towels, Flax Home is proud to be one of Canada’s go-to for comfortable, luxurious linen for every room. Always made ethically, and always made with care.


Sundays wants your space to feel like a relaxing Sunday morning every day of the week, so their pieces are warm and comfortable. We curated the field stool for Lake Placid Lodge and it completes the bedrooms perfectly.

Fireclay Tile

The tile was a huge inspiration for the lodge, and Fireclay tile delivered, after all, their motto is “You dream it, we make it. Handmade in California since ‘86.”


Working with Article was a dream, featured in the photo is the Kouva Oak King Storage Headboard and the Basi Oak King Bedframe. We also feature the Malsa Sofa in the living room.

Kollection by Irie

A Kollection of thrifted goods, selected and curated in Vancouver, BC, Canada. No space is complete without a little vintage in our humble opinion.

Rachel Saunders Ceramics

The Phone Home is intentionally shaped as a dome to function as an echo for your alarm so you can keep it outside your bedroom, and has a hole for your charger through the back so you can safely tuck your phone to sleep and let it recharge while you do.

Dutch and Dunn

Dutch and Dunn is a thoughtful craft grocer bringing inspiration and top-quality ingredients to your home kitchen.

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